Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sex #1

Last night I had two females (White and Latina) role play as captives of an Italian mob for giving information to opposition. Beautiful bitches. I kept their hands and feet tied on opposites of the room with bags over their head from 8 o clock in the morning until 10 o clock at night and fed them scraps of pizza around 6. I was feelin' like a real under boss. They weren't allowed to use the restroom or speak at all during this time. As part of the role play, I was supposed to be keeping them until the boss could meet and speak with them about who they had spoken too, why, when, ect. That isn't what I did though.

(A few days earlier I discussed the terms to prepare them for everything. Smacking, bruising, spitting, throwing around, bruising, hair pulling, biting, fighting, ect.)

At 10:03 I got a call from the boss saying he wouldn't be there until morning, with permission to play with the captives. (Not a real call idiots, it was part of the role play.)

I walked into the room, took the bag off of their heads, threw them on the bed, and grabbed the Latina hard by her hair. Her eyes were half open from the change of dark to light, but opened fully after I smacked her twice 'cross the face. I put my 4 fingers in her mouth and to the back of her throat and looked over at the white girl (No names). I told her to come here and then made them look into each others eyes with a grip on both of them. I asked them a few questions, spit on both of them, and told the white girl to kiss the Latina and the Latina not to kiss back. She was hesitant at first, after seeing the Latina get smacked so hard. The white girl didn't get into it enough, so I put my 4 fingers in the white girls mouth until she started gagging. I told her to gag louder, called her a few names, smacked her in the mouth, and repeated myself. Her eyes started to water and she wasn't getting into role very good, so I smacked her again and threw her back on her hands that were tied up.

The latina looked at me and had a half smile on her face from seeing the white girl get it so bad, so I smacked her with a backhand so hard that it cut the inside of her cheek (It was in the terms) and that was the last time she half smiled the rest of the night. From then on she stayed in role and started to take it more serious. Both of them did. lol.

I used my knife to cut their clothes off and then spread the Latinas ass open while she was on her stomach. I dragged the white girl who was about 3 feet away to her ass by her hair. I told her to put her nose in it, she did. Minutes later she was eating the cat like her life depended on it and the Latina was silent. That is when I started really feeling it.

I made them both spit in each others mouths back and forth until it was a slobbery mess all over both of them. The white girl had the scent of ass and pussy all over her face and she looked scared...not a fake scared, but a real worried look. So, I smacked her (hard) about 5 times until she started crying. I bent her over n put it in her (ass) hard and fast. She yelled out and said "Hold on" but I didn't but then she said "NO SERIOUSLY HOLD ON FOR A SECOND I CAN'T BREATHE" which was a lie cause you can't talk if you can't breathe, so I didn't stop.

About 10 minutes later I had the Latina cleaning a dirty dick with her mouth and the white girl was still crying. I kept smacking the Latina real hard and she kept making faces that made me have to pull out every few minutes.

Long story short, hours later they were both on the floor crying with spit everywhere, makeup all over their face, swollen red cheeks, inside cuts in their mouth, a knot on the latinas head, tore up asses, smashed pussies, bruised tits, bruises on their arms, red spots all over the white girls body from being grabbed by both me and the latina (forced), sore throats, and weak bodies.

It was awesome. I paid them, they cleaned up in the bathroom, asked about future opportunity, and left.

The next day the white girl called and I told her I might use her again. They both know about the blogs, both are uncomfortable with their face being shown on the blogs, and both are ok with pictures and video being exposed as long as their face isn't in it. Both of them use to be female escorts. One is a stripper now, the other is in college for nursing (White girl. Latina is a stripper now and said she may get back into escorting.)

I would go into more detail, but I want to wait until I can get pictures to go with the blogs. If this blog doesn't show progress I'm not going to pursue it anymore. I've got $11,000 left I can spend for this project.


Warning: To some losers, these blogs may come off as sick, morally wrong, too much information or detail, the opposite of class, ect. Read with caution.

All of these blogs will contain my sexual experiences. I pay for them now, until I get more readers and the ability to pay with something other than money. No, I do not have to pay for sex. Yes, I pay for sex. Why? I find the girls, I pay them, and they do whatever I want. No games, no late nights on the phone, no need to converse, nothing. It makes it simple, easy, fast, and more entertaining for you. It is hard to find females to do some of the things I entertain you with for free and without spending more than a couple hours talking to them...and of course the ability to end all contact once I'm done with them.

Once I get over 5000 readers, I'll be posting pictures (and video) of my sexual experiences. Only if the blog shows progress. If it does, I'll take pictures (With blocked faces for legal purposes and to save time, legal fee, lawyer fee, ect.) and then add video if progress continues. I'm not paying for contracts to show faces and legal fees and things unless I get over 5000 readers.

Enjoy the blogs...try to learn a thing or two.